myinsidestory (myinsidestory) wrote in chill_0ut,

Please check out our community:

We focus on alternative journalling.

Hi, this is a journalling community whose focus is on alternative journalling books. These are books that are sent to members for their contributions and then mailed to the next person. Anonymonity will be preserved in every way possible. The purpose of the books is to provide people with an outlet by which they can voice their fears, desires, secrets, experiences, whatever they feel they can't normally share with people. This idea is loosely based on Post Secret ( There will be a minimum of three books circulating through the member pool so that it will be impossible for people to know who they received their book from or who they are sending it to. A place to be truly human, NOTHING, is off limits.

In this community we have two projects ongoing, the Alternate Book Project and the Pages Project, you can participate in either one or even both. We love to have people participate. Please take a look at our memories, all the information about both projects is labeled for your convenience.

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